Cleanliness Pass® – Basic skills agilely through online course

Cleanliness pass is a set of four online courses, the modules you can complete in the order you want. When all the modules have been completed, you have the opportunity to take the Cleanliness pass competence test in a supervised testing situation.

Why Cleanliness pass?

  • Basic competence in the cleaning industry quickly and flexibly.
  • The Cleanliness Pass enables you or your company's personnel to undergo training for cleaning industry tasks quickly and flexibly - wherever and whenever!
  • A compact training package designed to provide learners with essential knowledge of the cleaning industry.
  • Developed with trainers and experts to facilitate orientation.
  • Clear online courses with images and animations to support learning.
  • The goal is to enable convenient and flexible e-learning of basic cleaning industry knowledge.
  • The course can be studied online while working.
  • Well-suited for additional orientation for, for example, multitasking employees, updating and verifying one's own skills, as well as acquiring basic knowledge for personnel supervising cleaning tasks.
  • When completing the course and passing the Cleanliness Passport test, the learner receives a certificate valid for 5 years.

Cleanliness pass includes online courses

  • The basics of cleaning
  • Basic cleaning
  • Teamwork
  • Induction

The basics of cleaning: The online course provides the basics of cleaning. It helps to understand the basic elements of cleaning, one's own role in cleaning work and how to carry out cleaning work hygienically and ergonomically. The course focuses on key issues and methods in terms of basic cleaning skills and goes through them through examples.

Basic cleaning: The online course provides the basics for basic cleaning skills and an understanding of how to carry out planned basic cleaning as needed. The course also helps to understand the elements of basic cleaning, one's own role in the cleaning work and the implementation of the basic cleaning work in a hygienic, safe and ergonomic way.

Induction: The online course helps in understanding and implementing a successful orientation. A successful orientation includes good planning, fulfilling the obligations of legislation and understanding diversity and learning. Orientation belongs to both new employees and current employees who are changing operating methods or duties.

Teamwork: In the online course, you will learn about the benefits of teamwork, the elements of good teamwork and how you can influence a good team spirit. Teamwork has its own development stages, which you get to think about in training through your own team. The best results are achieved by teams with different people with different strengths. At the same time, it challenges us to understand the strength of diversity, the importance of psychological safety and openness for good teamwork.

The price of the Cleanliness pass online course

Personal license

  • the price is € 350 (incl. VAT 24%, price without VAT €282.25).
  • The right of use is six (6) months from the date of order.

Business license (includes 11 licenses)

  • €878 for members / €975 for non-members + VAT 24%.
  • The right of use is 12 months Additional IDs €70 for members / €78 for non-members + VAT 24% / ID.

Order the course​​​

Competence test

When you have studied all 4 online courses or otherwise acquired the necessary competence, you can participate in the test event by Puhtausala ry. The test is supervised and organized online.

The test contains 25 questions and you have two attempts to pass the test. The test is passed when 80% of the answers are correct. You will receive a certificate of passing the approved test directly to your email. The certificate is valid for five years (5 years).

The price of the online test is 35 eur + VAT 24%.

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